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Doctorate of Business Administration

  • The DBA program offered by Ascencia Business School / Collège de Paris, is a fully-fledged doctoral degree designed to provide professionals with the necessary tools to contribute to applied science in the various fields of management and business administration.
  • The program emphasizes the ability to conduct original investigations, test ideas, and understand the wider field of knowledge related to the chosen research theme. It encourages independent thinking and the application of research findings to practical business scenarios.
  • The program is best suited for individuals who are seeking to enhance their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to advance their careers and make significant contributions to their respective fields.
DBA Ascencia Business School


  •  Master’s level degree
  • Detailed resume (CV) showcasing relevant professional experience.
  •  List of publications (if applicable)
  • Preliminary research proposal (of at least 500 words in .doc / .docx format); and
  • Two letters of recommendation demonstrating the ability to conduct research work.
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Doctorate of Business Administration

Duration 3 Years | 4 Milestone

The following diagram visualizes the milestones of the DBA project journey:
DBA project

Milestone 1: Core Modules Completion

(First 9 to 12 months)
During this initial phase, candidates attend core modules which are delivered in the form of 3-day on-site seminars that cover essential topics in the field of management and business administration. These modules provide a comprehensive understanding of research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative methods, and the dissertation writing process. Completion of the seminars of the core modules marks the first milestone in the program.

Milestone 2: Research Proposal Approval

(At most 3 to 4 months after core modules)
While undertaking the core modules, candidates are required to start developing a research proposal that outlines the objectives, research questions, methodology, and expected outcomes of their study. This proposal must be submitted for approval shortly after the completion of the first milestone, and upon acceptance, the candidate proceeds to the next phase of the program. During this period, a supervisor is assigned to provide guidance and support in refining the research proposal.

Milestone 3: Research Work and Thesis Manuscript

(Remaining 15 to 18 months)
Once the research proposal is approved, candidates embark on conducting their research work and writing their thesis manuscript. This phase involves an in-depth exploration of the chosen research topic, data collection and analysis, and the synthesis of findings. Throughout this period, candidates maintain regular communication and coordination with their advisor to receive feedback and guidance on their progress.

Milestone 4: Thesis Defense

(Last 3 to 4 months)
Upon completion of the research work and the finalization of the thesis manuscript, candidates undergo a thesis defense. In this milestone, they present their research findings, methodologies, and conclusions to a panel of experts in the field. The defense allows candidates to demonstrate their mastery of the subject matter and defend the validity and significance of their research. Successful completion of the defense marks the final milestone in the DBA program.